Caribbean One TV (C-ONE TV) offers innovative programming and original content to Caribbean Global Market (CGM) communities worldwide through live-streaming and Video-on-Demand (VOD) services. International launch events are scheduled for Summer 2020.

The Market: Over 40 million viewers in the CGM are already enjoying more than one billion hours of internet multimedia per month. Since 2000, there has been a surge of 9 million new subscriptions to specialty cable channels in the Caribbean expatriate market of North America, alone. C-ONE TV will deliver content that appeals directly to this large (and growing) demographic.

Diverse and Exclusive Content: C-ONE TV will provide access to exclusive live-streaming footage (of, e.g., music concerts) through strategic partners. C-ONE TV will feature a broad and compelling selection of original and licensed content, including movies, television series, music, news, sports, weather, and more. A special selection of licensed African films will further expand the scope of offered content.

Watch Anytime, Anywhere: C-ONE TV subscribers will be able to watch on any internet-connected device, via web browsers and the C-ONE TV app, available on compatible Apple®, Android®, and Google® devices. The app will also come pre-installed on a range of television sets and associated peripherals from strategic manufacturing partners, including Hisense, Sharp, Aquos, Quattron, and Toshiba.

Year Founded 2013

Corporate Headquarters
Caribbean One TV Network
24 Commerce Street, 1002 Floor
Newark NJ 07102


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